Everyone wants to know the pricing for content marketing. However, each client is unique and until we discuss and create a specific strategy to promote your products or services it is difficult to ascertain the exact cost. 

Typically our range from $4k to $45k per month depending on your specific goals.

One of the most important aspects is discussing your budget paramaeters in advance. This will assist us with creating a strategy that will accomplish your goals within your given resources.  

Our services are usually structured in one of the following formats, but can be combined. 

The Ongoing Retainer is mostly created for clients who wish to add content creation and other management services on an ongoing monthly basis. This is typically used for content promotion, web analytics, content quality assurance, and other ongoing consulting needs. 

The Content Creation Retainer typically includes blog content, social media management, monthly or quarterly content projects, email campaign management, and search engine optimization.

The Project Package option is based on a one-time package typically used to supplement an ongoing plan. This option is also used for strategy development, large content campaigns, or as a supplemental to a monthly retainer.

If you are interested in just one or a few specific services visit our “Options” page to learn more about our most popular options. Otherwise, drop us a line so that we can schedule a call.

contact: info@justdowntheroad.com