L’Etage de Pastavino is a hidden gem nestled on a bustling market street in Saint Germain with a twist. In order to access this Italian restaurant look for the winding staircase in the far corner which invites you to enjoy a cozy dining room where fine cuisine is complemented by interesting conversation and Jazz playing lightly in the background. 

The menu is varied and written entirely in Italian (which the waiters kindly translate and explain item by item.) The meats and cheeses are especially good because naturally, they are fresh from the deli downstairs. We highly recommend the big ol' veal milanese on the bone, easily washed down with a beautiful glass (or two) of Italian red.

JDTRoad is always in search of a rare treasure. So let us know if you find one and next time you pass a deli-cum-sandwich shop, take a second look, it might not be all that it seems! 

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